Barrel Cellar Ceremony

Christmas celebrations, summer parties, anniversaries and successes – all of this wants to be celebrated with employee events. Leipzig is known for its many bars, restaurants and historic cellars. The best known is Auerbach’s Keller from Goethe’s Faust. Visit a barrel cellar ceremony – an experience with history.

Barrel cellar ceremony – When the cellar master tells

The historic barrel cellar, where the serving of wine began in 1525, is in a way the heart of Auerbach’s cellar. At this extraordinary place history comes alive when the barrel cellar master invites to the ceremony. The cellar master will lead you down to the place that holds so many stories, whose aura even enchanted the young Goethe to such an extent that the Faust legend went down in literary world history and thus helped the cellar to world fame. With the tales of the barrel cellar master in that historic vault, you will breathe the spirit of history, hear sonorous sounds and see impressive things.

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The fringe programmes in Leipzig are as diverse as the city itself. Supplement your meeting or conference with an eventful teambuilding or supporting programme. We will be happy to put together an individual offer for you.

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