Porsche World of Experience

The atmosphere in companies is constantly changing. What is becoming more and more important and is being focused on by many managing directors and team leaders is quite clear: a well-functioning team! Experience a day together in the Porsche World of Experience Leipzig.

Porsche World of Experience – Teambuilding with fascination

Accompany one of the car models on its way through production. Take a look behind the scenes during a factory tour. You and your team can also embark on an interesting journey through time. In the vehicle exhibition in the Customer Centre, you will learn all kinds of interesting facts about the history of Porsche.

Shared experiences are extremely important. After all, a team that works well together and knows each other on a more personal level can interact much more effectively. It can also work much more efficiently and better. That’s why team building has slowly but surely become an important topic in many companies. And has even become a necessity in the meantime. But how do you approach this teambuilding optimally? What helps? A neutral location. And not the office. That way, all team members are brought directly into a completely different atmosphere. We can help you find the right location in Leipzig. Your team will become even more well-rehearsed! We can also help you to find a trainer who will accompany, support and develop you and your team. Everyone can participate in team building and you will have someone with you who is explicitly trained for such events. So Are you ready for your team to become even better? Then contact us and we will help you plan and organize a great teambuilding event!

Fringe programmes in Leipzig

The fringe programmes in Leipzig are as diverse as the city itself. Supplement your meeting or conference with an eventful teambuilding or supporting programme. We will be happy to put together an individual offer for you.

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